Welcome people !!!

No, your eyes does not deceive you guys. The biggest Tibia site is created right before you.

Our goal is to create the largest Tibia website ever, containing, quite literally, every possible info about the game. That maybe nothing new, but we intend to go even further – we intend to create website that will be teeming with people online activity 24-hours-a-day.

Portal will consist of several main modules, each of them will be so large, that it should be treated as an independent site. The modules will be as follows:
- Information site: containing every piece of information about the game
- Social networking site : a website where you can socialize with other game funs
- Noobies: the site where you can find the funniest screenshots and movies from Tibia
- Blogs: You feel like writing something? That is a right place for you
- High lvl: site for seasoned Tibians. Observe their progress in game and learn the tricks of veterans
- Online shop: buy Premium Time and any others game products form the largest Tibia reseller  in Europe!
- Multilingual forum: chat online with people from all over the world and discuss any aspect of Tibia
These are just main modules we presented to you – it is impossible to list all content that will be available on our website, simply because of the size of that project.

But we haven't told you the best thing yet – we are going to give our visitor a prize of Premium Time  once day, once a week, once a month or even once a year and you get the prize for almost every action taken on our site.  Get the PACC by blogging, posting screenshots, winning our contests, or simply by writing on forum. We want to give dozens of PACCs free, every month. So keep your eyes on the prize.



Tibia.eu is the multi-portal dedicated to Tibia fans from all over the world.
It is one and only such site, consisted of several mods.


Tibia.eu will be your source of information, place to socialize with your Tibia mates, watch and give votes for pictures and movies together with them, write good stories about Tibia, be always up to date with the latest news from the game world, participate with dozens of contest and get your Premium Time prize.

You have never seen such site before in your life, guaranteed !!!

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